Anna Tillman - Hot dogs! 20 modèles de tricots pour chiens

21 December 2009

Votre chien est le complice de votre vie. Chouchoutez-le en lui offrant un manteau pratique et bienchaud tricoté avec amour. Ce livre propose une gamme de 20 modèles, conçue pour répondre aux multiplespersonnalités de nos amis canins. A chacun son style ! Effet tweed, brandebourg ou trench-coat pourchiens classiques ; jacquards graphiques, blouson façon jean, jeux de couleurs pour toutous tendance ;points raffinés, teintes subtiles et détails couture pour cabots coquets... Chaque manteau est déclinéen sept tailles pour l'adapter parfaitement à tous les chiens. Un chapitre clair et illustré expliqueles bases du tricot et donne les conseils nécessaires à la réalisation des ouvrages proposés. A vosaiguilles, l'hiver approche!

Author....:Anna Tillman
Title.....:Hot dogs! 20 modèles de tricots pour chiens
Paperback.:129 pages
Size......:14.50 Mb

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Crochet! September 2009

Title.....:Crochet! September 2009
Paperback.:73 pages
Size......:19.30 MB

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George Schaub - Amphotos Guide to Digital Black and White Printing: Techniques for Creating High Quality Prints

•Shows photographers how to use digital printing techniques to create masterful black-and-white images•Digital printing is replacing the darkroom-everyone who shoots in black and white needs to know thesespecialized techniquesEverybody's shooting in black and white-for weddings, for studio work, for portraits and family pictures, andanything that looks great with a classic, documentary style. Digital cameras make it easier to shoot in black andwhite, but many photographers are struggling to create the sharp, crisp, timeless look of great pictures in thismedium. They need Amphoto's Guide to Digital Black and White Printing. From new digital ways to performtraditional darkroom techniques (such as exposure, burning and dodging, and highlight control) to handlingduotones, hue saturation, and even "hand coloring"'s all here, in black and white.

Author....:George Schaub
Title.....:Amphotos Guide to Digital Black and White Printing
Paperback.:160 pages
Publisher.:Amphoto Books
Size......:40 MB

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Irene From Petersen - Silver Wire Jewelry: Projects to Coil, Braid & Knit

With a coil, braid, and twist, plus other ingeniously easy techniques, these magnificent silverbracelets, necklaces, and earrings take lovely shape. Each of the 99 projects, illustrated with colorphotos and diagrams, shows exactly why wire jewelry has become today's hot craft. All that's needed arevery basic tools and this helpful advice on making coils, plying wires, stretching out the coils toform graceful waves, joining rings to make elegant chains, fashioning wire into figure eights,incorporating beads, or creating crocheted adornments. Pretty earrings come in a delicate teardrop orcorkscrew style, a flat braided necklace has a unique, oxidized finish, and the traditional chain mailbracelet features freshwater pearls. Every piece in this handsome collection is graded for difficulty.

Author....:Irene From Petersen
Title.....:Silver Wire Jewelry
Paperback.:7.40 Mb
Publisher.:Lark Books
Size......:77 pages

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David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson - Film Art: An Introduction with Tutorial CD-ROM

Film is an art form with a language and an aesthetic all its own. Since 1979, David Bordwell's and KristinThompson's Film Art has been the best-selling and widely respected introduction to the analysis of cinema. Whileit continues to provide the best introduction to the fundamentals of serious film study, the eighth edition hasbeen revised be more classroom friendly by introducing film techniques earlier in the text, followed by thechapters on Film Genres. Supported by a text-specific Tutorial CD-ROM with video clips, Film Art is automaticallypackaged with this outstanding student learning tool.About the AuthorDavid Bordwell is Jacques Ledoux Professor of Film Studies at the University ofWisconsin-Madison. He holds a master's degree and a doctorate from the University of Iowa. He is the author ofThe Films of Carl Theodor Dreyer (University California Press, 1981), Narration in the Fiction Film (UniversityWisconsin Press, 1985), Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema (British Film Institute/Princeton University Press, 1988),Making Meaning: Inference and Rhetoric in the Interpretation of Cinema (Harvard University Press, 1989), TheCinema of Eisenstein (Harvard University Press, 1993), On the History of Film Style (Harvard University Press,1997) and Planet Hong Kong: Popular Cinema and the Art of Entertainment (Harvard University Press, 2000). He haswon a University Distinguished Teaching Award.Kristin Thompson is an Honorary Fellow at the University ofWisconsin - Madison. She holds a master's degree in film from the University of Iowa and a doctorate in film fromthe University of Wisconsin - Madison. She has published Eisenstein's Ivan the Terrible (Princeton UniversityPress, 1981), Exporting Entertainment: America's Place in World Film Markets, 1907-1934 (British Film Institute,1985), Breaking the Glass Armor: Neoformalist Film Analysis (Princeton University Press, 1988), Wooster Proposes,Jeeves Disposes; or Le Mot Juste (James H. Heinman, 1992), Storytelling in the New Hollywood (Harvard UniversityPress, 1999), Storytelling in Film and Television (Harvard University Press, 2003), and Herr Lubitsch Goes toHollywood: German and American Film after World War I (University of Amsterdam, 2005). In her spare time shestudies Egyptology.The authors have collaborated on Film History (McGraw-Hill, 1994) with Janet Staiger, on TheClassical Hollywood Cinema (Columbia University Press, 1985) and Storytelling in the New Hollywood (HarvardUniversity Press, 1999).

Author....:David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson
Title.....:An Introduction with Tutorial CD-ROM
Paperback.:576 pages
Format....:High Quality PDF (129.2 MB) + Full Companion ISO CD Image (158 MBs)
Years.....:November 27, 2006
ISBN......:0073310271 / 9780073310275
Size......:287.2 MB

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Theresa Flores Geary Ph.D - Creative Native American Beading

Following her successful Native American Beadwork, Theresa Flores Geary offers another beautifulcollection of traditional beaded projects. These exquisite items range from a Huichol Lace Sun Catcher(perfect for beginners) to an advanced-level Waterbird Pendant, from a simple Ladder Chain Bracelet toa Sun Rosette Medallion. An Indian Girl Trinket wears clothes styled after Apache camp dress, oftendecorated with sewn trim: she wears moccasins, a silver necklace, and turquoise jewelry. The Sage BearSachet combines a powerful animal symbol with the use of relaxing herbs. It's made of seed and buglebeads stitched onto leather or ultra suede. In addition to the patterns the guidance on technique,there's fascinating background information on the myths and legends that inspired each design.

Author....:Theresa Flores Geary Ph.D.
Title.....:Creative Native American Beading
Paperback.:123 pages
Size......:18.50 Mb

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Donald Richie - A Hundred Years of Japanese Film: A Concise History, with a Selective Guide to DVDs and Videos

Widely considered the leading Western authority on Japan, Richie has a particular affinity for the nation'sfilms, as is evident on every page of this authoritative survey. He emphasizes the collaborative nature of film,which is particularly appropriate since in Japanese culture the collective usually trumps the individual, andshows how Japanese cinema largely eschewed realism and narrative until it fell under Western influence. Thesection on the silent era, when live narrators, benshi, described films' stories to audiences, is particularlyrevelatory, since 90 percent of pre-1945 Japanese films haven't survived. Richie comments insightfully on theacknowledged masters-- Mizoguchi, Ozu, and Kurosawa--and also on other notable directors who are virtuallyunknown to even the most avid American cineasts. He finds less to praise about contemporary filmmakers, whoseflashier, Westernized approach seems less to his liking. The impressive amount of information on films renownedand obscure and Richie's enthusiasm and critical acumen make this essential for film studies collections. Briefreviews of about 200 films, with notations on video availability, top things off nicely.

Author....:Donald Richie
Title.....:A Hundred Years of Japanese Film
Paperback.:329 pages
Publisher.:Kodansha International
Format....:HQ PDF
Years.....:August 1, 2005
ISBN......:9784770029959 / 4770029950
Size......:39.1 MB

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