Earl Mindell, Virginia Hopkins - Prescription Alternatives

21 September 2009

Earl Mindell, Virginia Hopkins, "Prescription Alternatives:Hundreds of Safe, Natural, Prescription-Free Remediesto Restore and Maintain Your Health"Each year, 140,000 Americans die from the adverse effects of prescription drug use, and 938,000 Americans are"injured" due to prescription and dispensing errors. Eleven million people are abusing prescription drugs. Drugcompanies are forming "alliances" with HMOs to control the drugs you take, often at the expense of simpler,cheaper, and healthier lifestyle changes. No wonder alternative-medicine crusader Earl Mindell, author of EarlMindell's Vitamin Bible and Earl Mindell's Herb Bible, wants you to inform yourself and take control of yourtreatment. "Physicians ... are trained to diagnose a disease and find a pill to treat it with," he says. It's upto us, the patients, to investigate the potential side effects of our prescription drugs and alternatives totaking them.Prescription Alternatives is a layperson's crash course in prescription drugs and alternative treatments, such asdietary changes and nutritional supplements. Mindell covers drug interactions, how to read labels and inserts, andhow to avoid abuse. He discusses prescription drugs and alternative treatments in detail for heart disease,digestive diseases, respiratory illnesses, pain relief, infections, sleep disorders, depression, diabetes, eyediseases, prostate enlargement, hormone replacement, osteoporosis, and herpes. This is information you won't getfrom your HMO--and in this case, what you don't know can hurt you.

Author:Earl Mindell, Virginia Hopkins
Title:Prescription Alternatives
Paperback:448 Pages
Years: 2009
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