Jim Mischel, John Penman, Terence Goggin, Jon Shemitz - High Performance Delphi 3 Programming

29 September 2009

You've learned to program with Delphi 3, and now you're ready to move to another level. If you want to get serious about Delphi programming, this book was written just for you. Open it up and shift into second gear, where you'll explore input/output filtering, fractals, way-out-there database technology, and Windows arcana. Then pop it into high gear and slam the pedal to the metal, as you speed through Internet development secrets, dynamic user interface design, process monitoring, embedded components, and more. Powerful stuff, written by experts for those who wish to become experts - and all written with a light heart and more than a touch of wit (you'll even be learning techniques through the programming adventures of Ace Breakpoint, Non-Traditional Programmer).

Ready to make the most out of Delphi 3, the latest version of Borland's rapid application development tool? High Performance Delphi 3 Programming has the information you need: it's packed with detailed instructions on how to push Delphi to the limit. The book shows how to build DLLs (dynamic-link libraries), implement drag and drop, work with the Delphi Winsock component, and much more. What's particularly impressive is that Don Taylor and his coauthors don't just offer a rapid-fire listing of techniques and leave you to worry about the details. Instead, they delve into the reasons you'd want to do this stuff, the pitfalls you'd likely encounter, and offer slick workarounds. The authors take a lighthearted tone that occasionally gets long-winded--they sometimes require you to read through dialogs between imaginary characters rather than simply jump to the topic of interest--but they offer enough good information to more than make up for that shortcoming.

Author....:Jim Mischel, John Penman, Terence Goggin, Jon Shemitz
Title.....:High Performance Delphi 3 Programming
Paperback.:635 Pages
Publisher.:Coriolis Group Books
Size......:4.4 MB






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