Martin Merrill - Make Women Laugh

12 September 2009

Make Women Laugh: How to Make any WomenLaugh At Any time, Any Place, And Any way You Want.It aims to provide youwith a systematic and fool-proof approach to fully unleash your potential to make women laugh and fall in lovewith you. Of course, by the time you can do that you’ll have had tons of fun and become a more attractive. Thoseare the secondary gains.Part one of this book gives you an overview as well as the right humor mentality beforeyou start delving into the techniques. Part two equips you with the knowledge of dealing with women in a moregeneral sense, which serves as a catalyst to humor and laughter. Part three shows you the basic mechanism ofhumor and ground knowledge of making women laugh. Part four deals with continual perfection of your skills tomake women laugh and other topics such as dealing with frustration and rejection.
Author:Martin Merrill
Title:Make Women Laugh
Paperback:185 Pages
Publisher:Non Basic Stock Line
Format: PDF
Size:590 Kb



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