Peter Post - Essential Manners for Couples

12 September 2009

Peter Post - Essential Manners for Couples: From Snoring and Sex to Finances and Fighting Fair-What Works, WhatDoesn't, and Why?From the man who closed the lid forever on the "toilet seat debate" in the New York Times bestseller EssentialManners for Men comes the follow-up book that paves the way for couples everywhere to fix relationship problemsbefore they start.Peter Post offers the secrets to a long and happy marriage or partnership—withoutpsychoanalysis or prescription medication. The good news: often just a few simple words or actions can mend arift. Essential Manners for Couples reveals how easy it can be to keep the spark in your relationship.Withself-deprecating humor, clarity, and wit, Peter recounts couples' most mischievous manners foibles (his ownincluded). Essential Manners for Couples is based on Emily Post Institute surveys, Peter's years of fieldingthousands of etiquette questions, popular demand from couples attending his national lectures and workshops, andhis experience as a husband and father.Peter looks at couples' private lives and public lives, revealing thecommon "flashpoints"—the places, situations, and times when inconsiderate behavior is most likely to invade yourblissful coupledom. He offers "etiquette imperatives"—simple truths and concise nuggets of advice not to beignored, including:* Permissive flirting: How to define parameters and enjoy verbal combat with the oppositesex.* The "Chore I.Q." test—are you really divvying up the workload fairly?* When you hate her friends:socializing with the enemy.* Enter children: Good parents still spend time together as a couple.* Bedroometiquette—getting beyond the headache excuse.* Interactions with in-laws—smooth merge or crash and burn?* Whereto go for the holidays: surviving family visits and how to say "no."* Balancing life with your other significantother—your work ... and much more.Essential Manners for Couples is a must-have resource for the couple who wantsto celebrate their union and strengthen it. As Peter Post says, "By using the principles of etiquette, couplescan avoid many of the potholes on the road of their shared life, and the ones they do hit are smaller and moremanageable." With this book in hand, you'll enhance your relationship, head off hostilities, and have fun doingit.

Author:Peter Post
Title:Essential Manners for Couples
Paperback:288 Pages



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