The Praeger Handbook of Education and Psychology [Four Volumes]

21 September 2009

The Praeger Handbook of Education and Psychology [Four Volumes]
Cognition, mind, counseling psychology, lesson plans, learning styles, and Vygotsky are just a few of the manysubjects discussed in this exciting work. Educators, students, counselors, parents, and others will find newunderstanding as they read and browse. How does the immigrant experience affect student outcomes? What are theeffects of poverty on standardized testing? How can a teacher or parent develop study skills in the special needslearner? What is the effect of the school environment on students? What are the larger issues at work in educatingstudents of diverse race, culture, and class? This work, a rethinking of the field of school psychology, will bean essential resource for anyone interested in teaching and learning. It combines effective, traditional knowledgewith contemporary insights into the nature of today’s schools and students. Currently, there is an information gapbetween scholars and practitioners in the field of educational psychology concerning recent and on goingdevelopments. At this time there is no one source that provides a broad and comprehensive presentation of thesechanges. This work bridges the gap by providing a much needed explication of how educational psychology can meetthe needs of diverse students, families, and schools.

Title:The Praeger Handbook of Education and Psychology
Paperback:1064 pages
Publisher:Praeger Publishers
Years:edition 2006
Size:4,34 mb



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