Alicia Paulson - Stitched in Time

21 December 2009

Alicia PaulsonStitched in Time: Memory-Keeping Projects to Sew and Share from the Creator of Posie GetsCozyIn Stitched in Time Alicia Paulson shares 30 beautiful, inventive, and thoughtful projects thatencourage you to take your memories down from the bookshelf, out of the closet, or off the hard driveand bring them into your daily life. Creator of a charming line of handmade gifts and accessoriescalled Posie: Rosy Little Things, Paulson organizes these adorable handmade mementos—each oneincorporating unique elements such as photos, drawings, and other ephemera—into three sections: For theLittle Ones, For Every Day, and For Special Occasions. Many projects are easy enough for the beginningsewer to complete, and Paulson explains all the necessary techniques, from hand- and machine-sewing toembroidery, appliqué, stenciling, and transferring photos to fabric.In as little as a weekend anyonecan create a keepsake for the ages that will be enjoyed every day —whether it’s a quilt made fromoutgrown baby clothes, an apron featuring a favorite family recipe, a tote bag documenting a treasuredvacation, or a stuffed animal fashioned from a child’s drawing. With love incorporated into everystitch, these sweet projects each evoke the feeling of a special time and place, and are so much morethan just a commemoration of events. Whether you want to remember your family summers at the beach or adaughter’s first apartment, a perfect gift for a loved one or a memento to keep all to yourself is juststitches away.

Author....:Alicia Paulson
Title.....:Stitched in Time
Paperback.:157 pages
Publisher.:Potter Craft
Size......:13.2 Mb

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