Murry L. Salby - Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics

19 December 2009

Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics emphasizes the interrelationships of physical and dynamicalmeteorology. The text unifies four major subject areas: atmospheric thermodynamics, hydrostaticequilibrium and stability, atmospheric radiation and clouds, and atmospheric dynamics. Thesefundamental areas serve as cornerstones of modern atmospheric research on environmental issues likeglobal change and ozone depletion. Physical concepts underlying these subject areas are developed fromfirst principles, providing a self-contained text for students and scholars from diverse backgrounds.The presentation is Lagrangian (single-body problems) in perspective, with a balance of theory andapplication. Each chapter includes detailed and extensive problems; selected answers are provided, asare appendices of various constants. The text requires a thorough foundation in calculus.* Presents a comprehensive introduction to atmospheric thermodynamics, hydrostatics, radiation andclouds, and dynamics* Develops concepts from first principles, providing a self-contained volume for readers from diversebackgrounds* Emphasizes the interaction of physical processes shaping global problems of atmospheric energetics,transport, and chemistry* Provides a balance of theory and applications, with examples drawn from a wide range of phenomenafiguring in global atmospheric research* Extensively illustrated with global satellite imagery and analyses and photographs of laboratorysimulations* Exercises apply to a wide range of topical problems
Author....:Murry L. Salby
Title.....:Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics
Paperback.:627 pages
Publisher.:Academic Press
Size......:36,8 MB

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