The Book Of Sushi

10 September 2009

Paperback:127 Pages
Publisher:Kodansha Europe
Size:35.3 Mb

The Book Of Sushi By Jean Pierre Rampal, Kinjiro Omae & and Yuzuru Tachibana.
Discover how to enjoy the sushi shop with savoir-faire, how to become a connoisseur, and even how to make and serve this intriguing, delightfully refreshing dish in your own home.Sushi, that so typical Japanese food, has a history going back to prehistoric times. Over the centuries it has been refined into a surprising number of variations, from the simplest everyday fare--such as tuna wrapped in vinegared rice and crisp vitamin-rich nori seaweed--to elegant and imaginative sushi created for festive occasions. The centerpiece of this book is Edomae-zushi, the delicate, natural, fresh variety first made in Tokyo in the early nineteenth century and now popular throughout the world.



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