Claire Aristides - Bejeweled

10 September 2009

Author:Claire Aristides
Paperback:143 Pages
Publisher:St. Martin's Griffin
Format: PDF
Size:9.70 Mb

Claire Aristides, "Bejeweled: Beautiful Fashion Jewelry to Make and Wear Using Crystals, Beads, and Charms".One of today's hottest and refreshingly inspirational jewelry designers, Claire Aristides, offers her expert knowledge in making fashion jewelry in this practical step-by-step guide. Packed with beautiful pieces to make and wear, Bejeweled offers a breathtaking range of classic and contemporary necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. These original, feminine jewelry creations have been selected from Claire's stunning designs---more than thirty unashamedly sexy, glamorous and totally wearable acessories for every chosen occasion.Claire offers firsthand advice on getting started, how to approach the designs and choose from the vast array of beads and materials available. She then gives invaluable instruction on how to accomplish the basics: how to make links and fastenings, string the different components onto a chain, and secure the finished pieces. Within the "Jewelry Collection" itself, thirty step-by-step projects demonstrate a variety of skills for all levels including technical concepts such as wiring, making components, dyeing metal and beads, and working with different materials such as semiprecious stones, shell and cord. The beginner to the advanced can progress through the collection, from making a vintage pearl bracelet with a gunmetal chain and a pair of tourmaline teardrop earrings, to a Swarovski crystal pendant or a tiger's-eye ring. These are treasures to make and wear with pride!


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