David A. Karp - Is It Me or My Meds?: Living with Antidepressants

12 September 2009

By the millennium Americans were spending more than 12 billion dollars yearly on antidepressantmedications.Currently, millions of people in the U.S. routinely use these pills. Are these miracledrugs, quickly curingdepression? Or is their popularity a sign that we now inappropriately redefinenormal life problems as diseases?Are they prescribed too often or too seldom? How do they affectself-images?David Karp approaches these questionsfrom the inside, having suffered from clinicaldepression for most of his adult life. In this book he explores therelationship between pills andpersonhood by listening to a group of experts who rarely get the chance to speak onthe matter--those whoare taking the medications. Their voices, extracted from interviews Karp conducted, colorthe pages withtheir experiences and reactions--humor, gratitude, frustration, hope, and puzzlement. Here, thepatientsthemselves articulate their impressions of what drugs do to them and for them. They reflect ondifficultissues, such as the process of becoming committed to medication, quandaries about personalauthenticity,and relations with family and friends.The stories are honest and vivid, from a distraught teenagerwhoshuns antidepressants while regularly using street drugs to a woman who still yearns for a spiritualsolutionto depression even after telling intimates "I'm on Prozac and it's saving me." The book providesunflinchingportraits of people attempting to make sense of a process far more complex and mysteriousthan doctors orpharmaceutical companies generally admit.
Author:David A. Karp
Title:Is It Me or My Meds?: Living with Antidepressants
Paperback:304 Pages
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Size:1.3 MB






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