Healing the Broken Mind: Transforming AmericaA’s Failed Mental Health System

12 September 2009

Few afflictions are as frightening or as heartbreaking as mental illness. It may be a topic that manywould preferto sweep under the rug, but it is a fact of life that we as a society can and must face. Wehave come a long wayover the past few decades in our understanding of mental illness and its potentialtreatments. Yet, tragically,many across the country who struggle with serious mental illness are unableto find effective, quality medicaltreatment. As a federal commission on mental health concluded, thesystem of care is in shambles. But why? And howdo we fix it?Timothy A. Kelly, former Commissioner ofVirginiaA’s Department of Mental Health, Retardation, andSubstance Abuse, brings his three decades ofexperience as mental health commissioner, psychology professor, andclinician to bear in confronting thiscrisis in AmericaA’s mental health care system. In clear and accessibleterms, he exposes the weaknessesin the current system, examining how and why one of the worldA’s richest and mostadvanced countries hasallowed its most vulnerable citizens to be victimized by the very system designed to helpthem.Armed withthe latest statistics, a lifetime of experience, and heartrending life stories, Kelly argues thatthepatchwork of care traditionally employed to treat mental illness is simply not up to the task, and thatwhat weneed is profound, fundamental, and system-wide change. He then goes on to provide aneasy-to-follow road map forachieving lasting transformation, centered on five recommendations forcreating a truly effective mental healthsystem of care that enables patients to achieve a lastingrecovery.Mental illness is not going to just go away,but Kelly prescribes a comprehensive plan to maketreatment accessible and effective so that those who suffer canrejoin their families and theircommunities. He shows how a transformed system of community-based care allowsthose with serious mentalillness to finally be able to go home.
Author:Timothy A. Kelly
Title:Healing the Broken Mind
Paperback:193 Pages
Publisher:NYU Press
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