Thomas J. Hoerner, Patrick David - The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father

21 September 2009

This book is for single fathers and any male parents who facethe challenges of raising children while balancing acareer,home, and social life. It’s the official owner’s manual for raisingchildren and living a healthy life. Thetopics discussed areentirely from a single father’s perspective and focus on practicalsolutions to everydayproblems.There is also occasional humor.Until now, a single father would have to buy several booksfor all thetopics found in Single Father.That’s not very feasiblefor anyone on a limited budget and time schedule. Also,muchof what has been previously written on these subjects is forwomen, and portrays fathers as visiting parents orabsent altogether.This is for men who are on the scene.The book is put together in such a way that if you needhelpin a certain area fast, just turn to the particular chapter fordirect advice that should immediately lessenyour panic. Can’tcook, for example? Turn to Chapter 9.Want to date on a limitedbudget? See Chapter 16.So, relaxand enjoy.There are no tests to measure skills, andno one expects perfection. Measure success entirely byyourhappiness and that of your children. Put things into perspective:Understanding an internal combustion engineis hard. By comparison,being a single parent is,well, not as hard.

Author:Thomas J. Hoerner, Patrick David
Title:The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father
Paperback: 223
Publisher:Harbinger Press
Years: 2002
Size:12.8 MB



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