Thomas A. Jones - Sports Competitions for Adults Over 40

21 September 2009

Thomas A. Jones - Sports Competitions for Adults Over 40: A Participant's Guide to 27 Sports.
A healthy lifestyle is a popular way to deal with aging, but the serious fun and games don't have to end once middle age sets in. This guidebook is aimed at men and women over 40 (or 50, or 60, or 70) who seek the challenge of athletic competition. The book focuses on those sports requiring significant physical exertion and includes team sports such as soccer, softball and basketball and individual sports such as skiing, tennis and swimming. Chapters on each sport identify the national sponsoring organization and regional affiliates, describe the types of competition available, and give a breakdown of the competitors by age and gender. A "How to Get Started" section describes basic skills needed for each sport, equipment required to compete, opportunities for coaching, and suggested books and videos for beginners. The book also features a list of the 2007 or 2008 national champions in each sport.

Author:Thomas A. Jones
Title:Sports Competitions for Adults Over 40
Paperback: 228 Pages
Format: PDF
Size:18.4 MB



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