Maria Robinson - Child Development from birth to eight

19 December 2009

Maria Robinson "Child Development from birth to eight".The book presents a detailed and in-depthpicture of early years development, particularly of developmental processes and interactions. Ratherthan focusing on a particular topic, it offers a broad overview from a range of sourcesincluding:Developmental, evolutionary and cognitive psychology Biology Sensory information Attachmenttheory Neuroscience Research linking brain function and emotions As well as providing a great insightinto the aspects of child development and offering the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach, thebook emphasizes appropriate pedagogical approaches and the implications for adults who work with youngchildren. Child Development from Birth to Eight is essential reading for all early years students andpractitioners.

Author:Maria Robinson
Title:Child Development from birth to eight
Paperback:256 Pages
Publisher:Open University Press
Size:2 MB


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