Paul Pfeiffer - Applied Probability

19 December 2009

 Paul Pfeiffer's Applied Probability is a collection for college students versed in basic calculus andlooking to learn about the practical aspects of probability. The course guides readers throughimportant probability concepts such as distributions, random variables and functions, variance, andmore, using problem sets and guided MATLAB examples.Paul E. Pfeiffer Paul Pfeiffer retired from full-time teaching in 1998 after a career that spanned morethan 50 years. Pfeiffer has taught in both the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computationaland Applied Mathematics Departments at Rice University. His primary career emphasis has been onteaching and course development. He has written several textbooks based on the courses he taught, whichincorporated advanced materials, some of which were previously available only in research publications.Pfeiffer lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Ruth.Connexions Connexions is a platform and repository for open education resources, enabling the creation,sharing, modification, and vetting of open educational material accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytimevia the World Wide Web. Since 1999, Connexions has pioneered digital education. The Connexions globalknowledge ecosystem, where anyone can create materials, is free of charge. Connexions modularinteractive information is in use by universities, community colleges, primary and secondary schools,and life long learners worldwide. Connexions materials are available in many languages includingEnglish, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Portuguese and Thai. Through itspartnership with innovative publisher QOOP, Connexions is part of an exciting new distribution systemthat allows for print on demand and accelerates the delivery of educational materials into classroomsworldwide. The content in this book can be found in Connexions. This book is available for free on theConnexions website at

Author....:Paul Pfeiffer
Title.....:Applied Probability
Paperback.:634 pages
Size......:5 MB


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